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Live Guest Illustration

Luxury for everyone

A totally unique way to capture the emotion and energy of the day whilst also providing a timeless and original favour for your guests.

We absolutely love illustrating live at weddings from feeling the happiness shared by all to sketching the beautiful fashion, we can create fabulous memories for years to come in a completely one off artistic piece. 


Something to remember...

Our incredibly unique and fun style captures each of your guests perfectly - even down to their facial expressions!

Having a live illustrator provides entertainment and starts exciting conversations for your guests during your wedding, something they will always remember.

"I was blown away when I saw how alike the portrait of us looked, I could tell it was us from across the room!"

Beautifully displayed

Once the portraits are complete, they are packaged into a clear cellophane bag to make sure they are kept safe and clean.


All our of finished portraits are then hung for all to see and are ready to be collected.

"Everyone looks incredible! You can really tell who each person is!"

What happens on the day?

After initial consultations with Chloé and all plans finalised, we arrive to your location around 40-60 mins before the agreed time to make sure everything is set up, equipment is ready and beautiful social pictures are taken. Chloé will then begin to draw guests as and when they have their photo taken. Guests can mingle and enjoy the day whilst their portrait comes to life! Once finished, the portraits are packaged up and hung on a display board for all guests to see. Guests are able to take their portraits once they're finished. We work in first come first served order, unless VIP package is booked, and paint one portrait per couple/ family so that as many people get to have a portrait as possible. We will endevour to complete as many portraits as possible within the booked time and the remainder completed in the studio (depending on package booked).

Our Packages

We understand that every wedding is different and everyone has unique styles, budgets and theme, that's why we have created different packages to suit everyones needs! 

Please be aware, that any event booked on a National Holiday or Bank holiday will see an increase in price. This will be discussed and quoted within the package enquiry. 

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