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Dreamy gender-neutral nursery

Dreamy grey nursery

My most recent commission was creating a beautiful grey scale nursery to suit either a baby boy or girl. It's so exciting to have the baby's gender a surprise, so by following the brief my clients Zoey and Stu gave me, I was able to create the perfect gender-neutral room! The background colour of three walls was light grey with the feature wall painted in white. This looked very classy and suited the dark grey carpet and white furniture to a tee.

On the feature wall I painted a tree design that covered most of the wall, using the cot measurements to ensure the tree would frame the cot nicely. This is the first wall you would see upon entering the room so wanted to make sure it made the biggest impact, capturing the eye and then spreading your view up and around the room.

Light grey tree

Once I had sketched out the tree in the light grey paint using a fine brush, I could see how the pattern of the branches looked before filling it in and adding the leaves. I also added some bird silhouettes that looked great on this wall. On the surrounding white walls I scattered some white and dark grey stars that balanced the colours in the room, matched the stars light shade and fitted in and around the furniture placement.

Grey and white stars

The stars were a mixture of sizes as you can see and I'm really happy with how it all came together. My clients loved the finished look of the room and were excited to put their own finishing touches ready for their newborn.

If you are set on keeping your baby's gender a surprise, please don't think that limits your options for a beautiful nursery! Whether you want to stick to one colour palette such as this mural, go for rainbow brights or choose a theme, I can offer advice and inspiration to make the choice easier.

A few weeks after this was completed, their new baby was born!


This was such a pleasure to paint and I hope Zoey and Stu are enjoying settling baby Charlie into his new nursery!

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